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Abel Honor New York



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Experience the epitome of artisanal excellence with our luxurious needlepoint belts, crafted meticulously to elevate your daily ensembles to a work of art. Delicately hand-stitched by seasoned artisans, these belts narrate tales of tradition, weaving timeless elegance and contemporary style into each thread.

Each meticulously crafted belt represents a cherished heirloom, custom-made luxuryaccessory with meaningful symbols carefully chosen to encapsulate our brand's identity and values. From the coordinate points of Manhattan, symbolizing our roots in the city, to the rose exuding passion for excellence, and the globe representing our global customer base, every detail tells a story. The chain signifies our commitment to enduring quality, while the Chinese symbol for longevity embraces cultural inclusivity. The Abel Honor logo and 'AHNY' initials proudly mark our distinction. Evoking classic elegance, these needlepoint belts effortlessly complement any wardrobe, allowing our customers to make a statement and celebrate their individuality with a touch of sophistication and refinement.

Product code: AHF30488106

• Hand-Stitched Needlepoint - each design is meticulously embroidered with precision • Full Grain Leather Trimming - for an elegant finish and enhanced durability Lined with • Solid Brass Buckle - adds a touch of sophistication and resilience               • Handmade Crafted in USA


• 100% Premium Wool Thread/Fine Leather


Abel Honor New York's signature needlepoint belt blends sophistication with a laid-back charm, offering you a distinctive accessory to elevate your style. This meticulously handcrafted belt is 1.25" wide and showcases the fine craftsmanship with its full grain, vegetable tanned Italian leather and a resilient brass buckle.

To find your perfect fit with an Abel Honor New York belt, simply add 2 inches to your regular men's pant waist size. In case of an odd pant size (like 33, 35, etc.), add 3 inches instead to ascertain the right belt size. For those who have varying pant sizes, base the calculation on the larger size to find the most comfortable and fitting belt size. This guideline is especially suited for determining sizes for chino style pants.


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