In the world of Abel Honor, the power of nostalgia intertwines seamlessly with the spirit of the New Wave movement. The collection's concept highlights the significance shared between these seemingly disparate concepts. Nostalgia, with its wistful longing for the past, connects us to cherished memories and cultural touchstones, providing comfort and an understanding of our roots. The New Wave movement, on the other hand, challenges norms and encourages innovation, experimentation, and the reimagining of traditional art forms. Both remind us of the transformative power of history and creativity, with nostalgia offering solace and the New Wave movement inspiring us to question the status quo. Together, they emphasize the interconnectedness of the past, present, and future in shaping our cultural evolution.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating art form of sand art in the '90s, Abel Honor's "New Wave" collection transports us back to an era when imagination knew no bounds. With an array of menswear
pieces including three tees and three shorts, the collection captures the
essence of the brand's ethos while embracing the rebellious energy of the New Wave movement.

One of the standout tees from the collection carries special significance. Designed as a tribute to the 9/11 Memorial, proceeds from the
sale of this tee will be donated to support the cause. This gesture reflects Abel Honor's deep-rooted commitment to nationalism and their desire to contribute to causes that honor the spirit of unity and resilience, particularly in the context of New York City. As the birthplace and heart of the brand, New York holds a special place in Kate Wasserbach Moore's heart, making it an essential source of inspiration for Abel Honor New York. By supporting the 9/11 Memorial, the brand aims to commemorate the resilience of the city and its people, paying homage to the enduring spirit that has propelled New York forward.