AHNY's Commitment
to Sustainability

Abel Honor New York is committed to sustainability and considers it a core component of its identity, values, and business strategy. The company's sustainability initiatives aim to positively impact "People", "Planet", and "Culture". Abel Honor New York strives to make a significant contribution to the industry and meet the increasing demand from clients and stakeholders for dialogue, transparency, and sustainable practices. AHNY uses deadstock each season, does not overproduce, go on sale, restock sold out goods, and produces 'collectors items' that is considered rare, valuable, and desirable to our consumers. Our product at AHNY is sought after by the consumer's who are willing to pay a premium price to acquire them, and they are often considered unique or rare because of their limited availability, unique features, or couturism significance. Due to our brand ideal's and terms the product's desire increases over time as the demand for them grows, and they can be bought and sold in various marketplaces such as auction houses, online marketplaces, and specialty stores.