The Abel Honor New York 2023 made-to-order bridal collection takes inspiration from the enchanting ambiance of old opera houses. The five gowns in this collection embody the grandeur and elegance of these historic venues. Sweeping necklines and flowing drapery define the silhouette with a touch of dramatic flair. Ethereal trains, capes, and long line boleros gracefully adorn each piece, evoking the captivating allure of bygone eras. Textures of opulent sequins, rich heavy satin, and intricate metallic embellishments imbue the gowns with a sense of timeless glamour.

Drawing from the opulence of old opera house interiors, the color palette features regal silvery whites, iridescent blush pinks, and luxurious golds, harmoniously contrasted by deep and rich hues of reds, aquamarine, and sapphire blues. The made-to-order collection radiates an enigmatic aura, akin to the entrancing atmosphere of a classic operatic performance.

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, the collection incorporates lower-impact fabric options like recycled tulle, sequins, lace, and taffeta, as well as FSC-certified viscose and acetate crepe satin, georgette, and stretch satin.

Exemplifying the brand's dedication to local artisanship, each gown is meticulously designed, sampled, and hand-crafted in New York. The select gowns, available in captivating colors for 2023, offer brides the opportunity to embrace a dress that transcends time, ideal for any momentous occasion, and destined to be cherished for generations to come.